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Our office undertakes judicial and out-of-court representation relating to labour law issues both on the employee’s and the employer’s side.

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We assist in drafting and reviewing employment agreements, study contracts, collective bargaining agreements and syndicate agreements. We provide legal advice on termination of employment from both employer’s and employee’s side, including the legal aspects of outplacement. We undertake legal representation in indemnity and compensation issues.

We prepare work safety, risk management, operational and other policies required to the operation of our clients.

We are keen to assist you also in HR-issues enabling you to find your perfect employees.

In the field of labour law we assist our clients in the following areas:

  • drafting of and opining on employment agreements
  • non-competition agreements
  • study contracts
  • collective bargaining agreements and syndicate agreements
  • labour law training for both the managers and the employees
  • legal representation in employment termination cases
  • legal representation in indemnity and compensation issues
  • work permits and residence permits for foreign employees (foreign policy issues)
  • legal arrangements for secondment of Hungarian employees