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We would like to inform our visitors that browsing on the hplaw website and any supplementary contribution means the approval of the conditions as below

1. Operator of the website, Data Controller

The operator of the website and the Data Controller are the same.

Name: Holló & Partners Law Firm
Seat: 1124 Budapest, 14 Jagelló street
Phone number: +36 (1) 319-1201; +36 (1) 319-1279

2. Legal declaration

The contents of the website are under Act LXXVI of 1999 On Copyright. The whole contents of the website or any part thereof fall under copyright protection and may not be copied, transferred or distributed without the prior written consent of the Data Controller. Any publishing or processing of the contents is only allowed based on the written consent of the Data Controller and by indicating its source.

The contents of the website can be displayed, downloaded and printed but is forbidden to be multiplied.

The whole contents of the website or any part thereof can be used only for personal purposes. Any copying with the intention of distributing, is subject to the Operator’s written approval.

Any unauthorized utilisation carries consequences according to the Civil Code of Hungary. In case of infringement, the Operator of the website is entitled to claim its damage of both pecuniary and non-pecuniary nature in accordance with the Civil Code.

3. Responsibility

Some of the links on the website may lead you to other web pages operated by other Parties. The Operator does not take any responsibility or liability for the contents of such website and excludes all responsibility and liability for damages resulted in from using such information. The Operator intends to publish exact and verified information but does not take any responsibility or liability for damages arising from publishing.

4. Data protection

The present legal declaration (hereinafter referred to as „the Present declaration”) enters into force 21 on August 2014 and is valid until withdrawal.

Holló & Partners Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as „Office”) manages your personal data which you provide to the Office. The Present declaration is effective in relation to every organisational unit of the Office where data management is executed according to the declaration of Section 3 point 2 of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information (“Info Act”).

“Personal data means any information relating to the Data Subject, in particular by reference to their name, any identification number or to one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity, and any reference drawn from such information pertaining to the Data Subject.”

Definitions of the present declaration comply with Section 3 of the Info Act.

4.1. Rules of data management

Personal data may be processed for specified and explicit purposes only if necessary to fulfilment of rights or obligations and only to the duration and extent as necessary. Data management must comply with the purposes of data processing in all stages. In case the purpose ceases or data processing is otherwise unlawful, the data will be deleted.

Personal data shall be managed by the Office in case the concerned gives his consent or due to public interest any Act or Decree of local government orders it.

The Office shall notify the Data Subject of both the purpose and the legal basis of the data management prior to its recording.

Employees of the Office as well as any participants assigned by the Office to perform data management are obliged to retain personal data as business privacy.

Should anyone under the present declaration become aware that any personal data managed by the office false, incomplete or out-of-date, he is obliged to notify the staff of the Office or to initiate the correction of the data at his earliest convenience with the person who is responsible for the recording of the data.

Activities of third persons or entities involved in data processing under the assignment given by the Office, the obligations of data security shall be validated in the retainer agreement concluded with the Data Processor.

The head of the Office decides on the structure of data management and on all scope of duties and competences and he has the right to assign those persons who are responsible for the supervision of data management.

Employees of the Office are obliged to prevent any unauthorised people from getting an insight view of the personal data and to assure that the storage of personal data is protected against unauthorised access, knowing, changing, forwarding as well as cancelling due to the change of applied technology.

4.2. Rights of Data Subjects; enforcement

The Data Subject may request from the Data Controller: (i) information of the processing of his personal data; (ii) rectification of his personal data; and (iii) deletion or blocking of his personal data – excluding data management as required by the law – on the above mentioned availabilities of the Office.

In line with the request from the Data Subject in relation to data management the Office shall give an answer in writing within the shortest time, but no later than within 30 days – in case of protestation 15 days – in an understandable way.

As a principle, the information is free of charge; costs can be charged only in case of Subsection (5) of Section 15 of the Info Act.

The Office may refuse to provide information to the Data Subject in the cases defined under Subsection (1) of Section (9) and under Section 19 of the Info Act. In case of refusal, the Office shall give an explanation in writing in compliance with Subsection 2 of Section 16 of the Info Act.

Where a personal data is deemed inaccurate, and if the correct personal data is at the Data Controller’s disposal, the Office shall rectify the personal data in question, while in case Subsection 2 of Section 17 of the Info Act the personal data shall be deleted by the Office.

For the duration of examining the protestation of the data management – but 5 days maximum – the data management shall be suspended by the Office and it will be examined whether the protestation is established; afterwards, a decision shall be made of which the Data Subject shall be informed by the Office according to Subsection 2 of Section 21 of the Info Act.

If the protestation is established, the manager of the organization unit shall applying Subsection 3 of Section 21.

The Office shall be liable for any and all damages caused to the Data Subject as a result of unlawful processing or any breach of data security requirements. The Data Controller shall also be liable for any damage caused by a data processor acting on its behalf, as well as for any restitution payable to the Data Subject for any violation by the data processor of his rights relating to personality.

The Data Controller is exempted from liability for damages or for payment of restitution if the damage caused by the violation of the rights of the Data Subject relating to personality right is attributable to reasons beyond his control. No compensation or restitution shall be paid either, if the damage was caused by intentional or negligent conduct of the Data Subject.

In relation to any complaint in accordance with the data management, the Data Subject can apply to the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH) as follows:

Name: National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Seat: 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.

4.3. Data management during the usage of the website of the Office

Place of the Data management:
1124 Budapest, Jagelló út 14.

4.3.1. Everyone can access the website of the Office without giving any personal identification or data. The User may obtain information without limitation on the website including each webpage. Any information on the website not connected to any person particularly can be collected without limitation. No personal data can be gained from such information, and accordingly, the related data management does not accomplish personal data management as based on the Info Act.

The website uses Google Analytics for webanalitics services. Google Analytics uses text files („Cookies”) on the User’s computer in order to help the usage of the analysis of the website. Information about the website generated by the Cookies (IP-address of the User) is forwarded by the Google to and is stored in its USA servers. The Google does not link the information generated by the Cookies to any person particularly; thus no managing of personal data is accomplished.

Usage of the Cookies can be prohibited by the settings of the browsers by the User.

By usage of the present website the User approves the processing and management of his personal data in the above manner and for the above purposes.

Google uses the above information for appraisals, analytics and making reports of the performed activities on the website; furthermore, for providing services related to the activities performed on the website and to other usage of the internet.

4.3.2. Data management in relation to the newsletter registration

In case the User registers on the website of the Office, newsletter will be sent to the activities of the Office.

Data management registration No.: NAIH-78429/2014
Purpose of the data management: notifying for the registrated member(s) of the newsletter
Managed data: name, e-mail address
Legal basis of the data management: Subsection (1) a) point of Section 5 of Act CXII of 2011 – based on the consent of the Data Subject.
Term of storage of the data: until the unsubscribing from the newsletter, but no later than the cease of the Office.
Method of the storage: electronically

4.3.3. Data management in relation to the making contact

On the website under the “Contact” menu everyone can make a contact with the Office.
In the course of keeping contact, the Data Subject shall make decision about data management by giving his personal data as deemed appropriate, based on the received information.

Data management registration No.: NAIH-78268/2014
Purpose of the data management: contact
Managed data: name, e-mail address, personal data as provided by the Data Subject
Legal basis of the data management: Subsection (1) a) of Section 5 and Subsection (6) of Section 5 of Act CXII of 2011 – based on the consent of the Data Subject
Term of storage of the data: 1 year from the date of making contact

Method of the storage: electronically

5. Data processing

The Office shall not reveal any personal data for third parties. The Office does not use any Data Processor and does not forward any personal data.

6. Amendment to the declaration

The Office reserves the right of amendment to the present declaration.

In case the amendment concerns the Data Subject’s personal data utilization, the Office is obliged to notify the Data Subject via e-mail accordingly. In case the details of data management change pursuant to such amendment, the Office will obtain the Data Subject’s consent.

7. Issues no covered by the present declaration

Any issue not covered by the present declaration, shall be governed by the Info Act and by the Data Protection and Data Security Declaration of the Office.

2014. augusztus 21.